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Poland’s president swears in government

Poland’s president on Monday swore in a government that is expected to last no longer than 14 days, a tactical manoeuvre that allows the conservative Law and Justice party to hang onto power a bit longer — and make more appointments to state bodies.

Following a national election in October, President Andrzej Duda swore in Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who has held that position since late 2017. According to the constitution, Morawiecki and his Cabinet will have 14 days to face a vote of confidence in parliament. They’re almost certain to lose the vote because Morawiecki has no coalition partners after his nationalist and conservative Law and Justice party lost its parliamentary majority and no other parties want to join its government. Morawiecki says he is trying to find partners to govern with, but himself puts his chances at “10 per cent or even less.”






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